About us

About us

by investjigawa_admin

The Jigawa State Investment Promotion Agency (InvestJigawa) serves as the Resource and Coordination Centre for the State investment Promotion activities. Its mission is to identify, promote and facilitate the exploitation of opportunities for private sector investments that will create jobs for, and promote prosperity and well- being of the citizens of Jigawa.

In this role it liaises with all Ministries, Departments and Agencies of government to develop, compile and collate data and information and serve as the repository of all information on investment opportunities in the State. As a one-stop-investment center it coordinates all actions to ensure that all investors, both potential and existing receive the best possible support from all government Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

InvestJigawa is headed by a Director-General. He is supported by four Departmental Heads responsible for specific functions namely Investor Relations, Advocacy and Community Engagement, Marketing as well as Finance and Administration

Specifically, the agency isĀ  established to perform the following key functions:

  • Assisting investors to procure all necessary approvals, incentives and other resources-including land-to facilitate the realization of their projects at the earliest possible time
  • Developing detailed information & data on the Jigawa economy-including investment opportunities that abound therein – to support investors with their investment location decision as well as compliance obligations during investment start-up and operation
  • Developing and Implementing ‘hand-holding’ Strategy for MSMEs Development with a view to, especially, facilitating their access to markets and funding opportunities;
  • Advocating for continuous improvement in business and investment climate by Identifying the main challenges in attracting investment to the State and making appropriate input into policy and strategy Evaluating effectiveness of current investment incentives to recommend appropriate incentive packages for investors.