Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

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Despite its huge energy resources, Nigeria needs more electricity both to drive industry and to ensure adequate supplies in rural areas. The National Energy Masterplan projects that energy from renewable sources will reach 20% of Nigeria’s energy mix by 2030..

Solar PV Solutions

Jigawa StateĀ  is located in the highest solar irradiation zone of Nigeria and would thus be an ideal location to serve as a hub for both production of required equipment and generation of electricity for use by the new industries it plans to attract as well as to service the needs of local SME’s and micro enterprises who struggle to operate without decent supplies of electricity.

InvestJigawa is currrently working with five different firms for the delivery of independent solar power plants in Jigawa. When actualized, the five projects will deliver an estimated output of between 1300 MW of Solar Power at an estimated cost of US$2 billion.

Efforts are being made to expand transmission capabilities of the State to give room for more investors to establish power parks for distribution of power to the National grid.

Bio Fuel

Other than solar energy Jigawa may have potential to produce bio-fuels as part of a rural electrification Programme. Bio-fuels can be obtained from the various agricultural produce in the State. Crops like sugar cane and Jatropha which are grown in the State have high potential for producing quality fuel for powering engines and machinery. In the north of the state, Jatropha is already being planted as part of the anti-desertification Programme.

Solar, Renewable Energy

Why Invest in Jigawa

  • Vast Resource base
  • Unique and Strategic Location
  • Improved Infrastructure
  • Favorable Investment Climate
  • Workforce availability
  • Institutional Support

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