Solid Minerals

Solid Minerals

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Jigawa state is blessed with abundant Solid Minerals deposit capable of feeding medium to large scale industries for optimum industrial operation.

Jigawa Solid Minerals Deposits

Previous work conducted by the State Mineral Resource Development Agency
and Jigawa State Investment and Property Development Company Limited revealed the existence of various solid mineral deposits which when effectively harnessed would improve the economic status of the state and its people in general. These deposits include among others:

Granite for Dimension Stones

Varieties of beautiful granites of different colors and texture that are chemically and physically tested and found most suitable for granite tile production exist in the most southern part of the state especially in Dutse, Birnin Kudu and Gwaram Local Governments. A chinese firm, GCC Vanguard is currently producing Granite marble tiles in Dutse for export to Asia markets.


Kaolin is used for industrial production in Paper Industry, Ceramic Industry, Cement Pharmaceuticals, Rubber and Plastic Industry, and textiles. The reserve estimate of industrial grade kaolin in Jigawa over an area of 14.4km2 stands at 1,278,773,70 tones. With an annual production of 38,400 tones it put the life span deposit at approximately 24 years.

Soda Ash (Trona)

Trona exist in the eastern part of Jigawa state in lakes and salt plays in the arid region of the state. Reserve Estimates of Soda Ash in various locations around the State is up to 20 million tons. It is generally used for Pharmaceuticals; Textiles; Leather works; Glass production; and Soap & Detergent production.

Why Invest in Jigawa

  • Vast Resource base
  • Unique and Strategic Location
  • Improved Infrastructure
  • Favorable Investment Climate
  • Workforce availability
  • Institutional Support

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