Light Manufacturing

Light Manufacturing

by investjigawa_admin
The industrial sector in Jigawa State is rapidly being developed to cater for the growing agricultural and solid minerals sector. The Industrial Development Park and Special Crops Processing Zones currently under development will provide a common facility for industrial growth.

Jigawa is properly positioned to attract investments in the manufacturing sector. Recent growth in the agricultural and solid minerals sectors guarantees the availability of raw materials for industrial development in Jigawa State.

Government is investing heavily in infrastructural development to enhance industrial growth and development of the State. With more than 2,000km of  road network, existing railway infrastructure, and an airport, movement of goods and personnel is within the State is becoming seamless.

Why Invest in Jigawa

  • Vast Resource base
  • Unique and Strategic Location
  • Improved Infrastructure
  • Favorable Investment Climate
  • Workforce availability
  • Institutional Support

We compile well-tailored, sectoral information to assist prospective investors in their decision making process.

We help our investors reduce the bottlenecks associated with investments in the State.

Where they exist, we help investors process State and Federal Incentives

Where necessary we help our investors identify brown field and greenfield locations for their businesses.